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You learning activity for today is to draw bar models to represent the 10x table. You can draw these in order e.g. 1 group of 10, 2 groups of 10 etc. or out of order e.g. 3 groups of 10, 5 groups of 10 etc. but you should do this all the way up to 12 groups of 10.

Each short bar (part) should have the same amount in them to show the equal groups. The long bar shows the total amount of all the short bars added together.This shows the relationship between multiplication and repeated addition.

For each bar model, write the repeated addition that the bar model represents e.g. 1 group of 10 is 10, 2 groups of 10 is 10+10=20, 3 groups of 10 is 10+10+10=30. Counting in 10s can help you find the total quickly.

This is similar to Tuesday's lesson last week and Wednesday's lesson the week before but using the 10x table instead of the 2s or 5s. Look at the picture from that lesson to help you set out the bar models if you forgot.

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