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Monday *LIVE*

Hello Puffins!

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Thank you if you have been in touch to share photos of your home learning, I have really enjoyed seeing what everyone has been getting up to at home!

I miss you all very much and hope you are well.

Love from Miss Knight

Discussion/ topic

Watch the video of Miss Knight reading this week's book of the week, Sonny's Wonderful Wellies.

Do you like the rain?

What do you like to do when it's raining?

What do you usually wear when you go outside in the rain?

Do you think there are any places in the world where it never rains?

How about places where it rains all the time?

Would you rather live somewhere where it is always raining or where it never rains?

Sonny's Wonderful Wellies by Lisa Stubbs

Extra Challenge

Design a pair of wellington boots for Sonny to wear in the rain.

Ask an adult to draw the outline of a pair of boots for you in your work book so you can decorate them with a pattern.

Whatever pattern you choose make sure both the boots match exactly. So, if one boot is stripy, the other must be stripy too, and make sure to use the same colours for each boot so Sonny doesn't have odd boots! Here are some pictures to give you some ideas.

Story time

A Rainy Day Adventure

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