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L.I: I can spell many common exception words

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers A READ ALOUD

This week we will be looking at the book, Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. Watch this reading of the story.

Common Exception Words

Authors like Oliver Jeffers use lots of common exception words in their writing. Common exception words are words that you can't use your phonics to help you read or spell them. Sometimes they are called tricky words or high frequency words. 

Choose your favourite book at home and see if you can spot any common exception words in them. If you've got a copy of the book, Stuck, why not see which ones Oliver Jeffers uses. I've attached a word mat to let you know which words to look for. 

Common exception word mat


Now we are going to practise spelling some of our Year 1 common exception words.

For this activity you can print out the tree template and the leaf templates. If you can't print them, you can draw a tree on a piece of paper and draw some leaves on the tree (remember to make the leaves big enough to write in!).

Choose 5 common exception words that you don't know how to spell yet and write them into one of the leaves (one word per leaf). Now stick them onto your tree. You can practise spelling them over the week.



Can you put these words into a sentence?

Tree and leaf templates

Further practice