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News From Home

Thursday 11th June


Jack has been practising some very tricky addition and has now completed another challenge with The Maths Factor! Congratulations Jack! Your passion for numbers is brilliant! He has also been in touch to say he has been following the online maths and phonics lessons and sent us some photos of his writing and shape drawing. Well done, Jack!

Tuesday 9th June

Elisse has been enjoying taking care of her tomato plant and has sent us a photo of how big it is now after 5 weeks of watering. Well done Elisse for working so hard on your gardening skills!


Monday 8th June

Ira, Jess and Bobby have made hats to represent their learning team colour! Check out the photos to see what they have created. Ira has also shared the pattern she drew in maths. Well done for taking part in the online lessons, guys!

Monday 1st June

Adhithi Sri has been busy making more artwork. She has painted a tree with birds made out of pasta shells to make a 3D effect. What a clever idea!


Rylan got in touch to show us how much his tomato plant has grown. It is getting so big that he had to give it a new bigger pot to grow in!

Thursday 21st May

Ira and Rylan have both written their own versions of Jasper's Beanstalk. Check the photos to see their wonderful work! Ira also got in touch to show us her home made caterpillar! Well done to both of them.


Tuesday 19th May

Hiruka has been making ice with his Mum, he has hidden lots of things inside. That is going to keep him very cool in this hot weather! He has also made an amazing book of Jasper's Beanstalk (have a look at the photo).

Monday 18th May

Jack has been in touch to tell us he has recorded himself reading "Wonky Donkey"! If anyone wants to record their own stories for us to listen to when we go back to school that would be lots of fun.


Adhithi Sri has drawn and cut out her own castle! She has included lots of detail. How many windows can you count on the castle?

Wednesday 13th May

Rylan took part in Day 1 of the Very Busy Spider maths lesson and made his own spider's web complete with spiders and flies! He used his minibeasts to practise some adding and taking away. Check the photos to see Rylan's creation. Well done Rylan!

Monday 11th may 2020

Lily has learnt to rollerskate whilst she has been in lockdown. Well done Lily, great achievement!


Monday 4th May

Hiruka has been very busy today building an airport for Goring & Streatley. Can you see the amazing drawing he has completed too?


Friday 1st May

Agastya has been on a spring walk to Forbury gardens to see the flowers and fish. What can you see in his pictures? Can you see any other signs of spring?


Wednesday 29th April

Aradhya has been recycling her beetroot scraps to grow brand new beetroot! She saved the tops of the vegetables and placed them in some shallow water. They have grown some new leaves and will soon start to grow new roots too. We look forward to seeing what happens next...

Did you know you can regrow other root vegetables at home in the same way? For example, carrots, turnips, radishes and parsnips.


Tuesday 28th April

Rylan has been taking good care of his tomato plant. He is using a ruler to measure how tall it is and it is currently 8cm tall! He also made his own number cards to 10 and practised putting them in order from smallest to greatest, and also from greatest to smallest. Well done, Rylan!


Monday 27th April

Exciting news...Jack has lost his first tooth! Has anyone else lost a tooth while we have been off school? He has a big gap. Have a look at our photos.


Wednesday 22nd April

Hiruka has been busy baking. He has written out his recipe for you to have a go too! Have a look at the photos.


Thursday 17th April

Jack has sent Mrs Mifflin an amazing certificate to say he has come first in an online maths challenge WELL DONE JACK! Maybe you would like to try it.  

Harsh has sent me an amazing list of "ch" things that he found around his home.


Wednesday 8th April

Aradhya has found some coins and has been sorting them into different groups. She has also made some wax rubbings of each one. How many different coins can you see in her picture?


Rylan has made an amazing Easter card for us all! Thank you Rylan, and happy Easter to all those who are celebrating this weekend.


Tuesday 7th April

We have seen some great drawings and lists of animals that can lay eggs. These have included ladybirds and dinosaurs. Can anybody think of one that nobody else has thought of? 


Monday 6th April

Svarup sent me a photo of all the coins he found. He has put them in order.

Jack and Mrs Mifflin have some seedlings growing in their pots! Has anyone else got seeds that are starting to grow?


Friday 3rd April

Aahana and Mrs Mifflin have both been doing some yoga today and it looks like Agastya has been helping to clean the windows (see the photos)


Thursday 2nd April

Rylan has been investigating the foods inside his fridge and sorting them into healthy and unhealthy foods. He asked a really good question; is cheese healthy or unhealthy? Perhaps you could discuss this at home and decide what you think the answer is!


Tuesday 31st March

Jack has had a special birthday tea for Reading Station which was 180 years old yesterday! See the photos in our gallery. He made a special menu for the occasion. Well done Jack.


Friday 27th March

Jack has been baking muffins, which look yummy! Great to see some of you reading your books at home and making playdough. Remember to keep it in a lidded pot so it does n't dry up.


Thursday 26th March

Shahadat has been learning about healthy food! He has been sorting through all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables from his fridge and also exploring dried fruits. Well done Shahadat for using your sounds mat to help with your reading. We look forward to seeing the results of your planting too!


Weds 25th March

Rylan emailed to say he and his big brother took part in Joe Wicks' P.E this morning!

"I really enjoyed the bunny hop, the Spiderman web sling and the kung-fu kicks."

Check out the photos below to see Rylan in action!


Tuesday 24th March

Well done to Leo who has emailed to tell us that he took part in Joe Wicks' P.E lesson this morning. Leo says, "It was exhausting!"


You can access the P.E lessons yourselves by searching for "Joe Wicks P.E lessons" on YouTube. They are taking place live every morning at 9am! Below are the videos for Monday and Tuesday so you can have a taster. Let us know how you get on and let's see what tomorrow's workout brings...