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Objective : To recognise quantities up to 5, without counting.


It is important that the children can recognise quantities without counting (up to 5). It is an important skill and is called subitising.


Encourage your child to look at the pictures below and say how many they think they can see (without counting!) Were they right? Can they count & check? Now flick through the pictures faster, how quickly can they shout out the number of objects?


The song in the video below encourages them to say the quantity they can see, without having time to count. 

Say how many you can see (no counting!)

Practise when you are out...

When you are out for a walk today, look for things to count (0-5). Can your child say how many they can see without counting?


Look, how many cars in the carpark?

How people at the bus stop?

How many trees by the park?

How many wheels on the bike?


Remember we are only expecting children to be able to subitise to 5 at this stage.

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