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Please select numbers up to 5 and stick to this version. Only move on to numbers to 10 if your child is very secure with counting 5 items accurately and reading the numerals correctly.

Now try this at home!

Take 5 containers (e.g. boxes from the recycling/ flower pots/ food pots/ bowls) and label each one with a number 1-5. Using small objects ask your child to count the correct number of objects into each container.


Extend by choosing 2 containers to discuss: can you tell me about these two containers using the words more and fewer?


If your child is very confident you could also try discussing:

  • If we took one object out of this pot and added it into this pot which would have more/ fewer? How do you know?
  • If we add the contents of these 2 pots together how many will we have in total? How do you know? Can you prove it?
  • Can you add the contents of 2 pots together to make a total of more than 4? Which ones?
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