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Mini Assessment

Please take some time today to see how your child is getting on. There are 2 parts to this assessment and you may need to give your child a break between each so they don't switch off and stop trying!


Part 1- Letters & Sounds

Please point to the letters on the sound mat (Phase 2 first) and ask them to tell you the sound for each grapheme they see. Please repeat this for the letters on the phase 3 mat too but only the first few, up to qu.


Could you please let me know which sounds your child is still struggling to remember.

Part 2

Ask your child to read the following words. Ask them to press the sound buttons (point to the graphemes) one at a time and say the sound and then blend these sounds together to read the word.

For example c-a-t    cat

gap                   jam          bat

dog                   fit             red

sock                 van          

pet                    hill



Please do not help your child at all with this today as I would like to know how they get on by themselves. Please email and let me know how many of the words they could read by themselves. This is very difficult for some children so please do not worry if they cannot do this just yet.
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