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Exploring The Numberline

Learning Intentions

  • To begin to recognise the position of numbers in relation to each other
  • Use the language "before, after and between" when talking about the numberline
  • Consolidate their recognition of numerals and know how to order them


Exploring the Numberline

Can you and your child make a numberline and put it up somewhere where you can see it easily. Practise placing the numerals in the correct order, using the language "before" "after" and in between" as you move the numerals around. Play tricks on each other for example


  • Change 2 of the numbers around
  • Place a numeral the wrong way up
  • Remove a numeral completely


Parent Tip: Be sure always to replace the numberline correctly at the end of your game so that your child always sees it correctly. Leave it up so they get used to seeing it.

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