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More, fewer and equal

Once you have watched the video demonstration have a go at setting up a teddy bear's picnic at home between 2 toys. Share out some food between the toys, giving each toy up to 5 pieces of food each, and discuss with your child what they notice, making sure to use the words more, less/ fewer, and same/ equal to. Change the quantities of food on each toy's plate asking your child who has more/ fewer items now, or if they both have the same. Encourage your child to check by counting the items on each plate.


Deepen the learning by adding in a third toy and plate of food to compare.


*Please only use numbers up to 5 as this will help the children to secure their understanding of the concepts of more, less and equal before applying these to higher numbers.*


*Please note you do not need to do session 4 this week, unless you would like to but the further activities require a printer.*

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