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Owen's Animals


It was a very exciting day when Owen's animals came to visit the children in nursery and reception at E P Collier. Owen gave us a safety talk in which he taught us all about how to handle the animals carefully so that they wouldn't feel scared of us. Then we got to meet the animals in small groups. We had to use very quiet voices and behave calmly, which we were really good at. We think the animals liked us because they were happy being stroked and held by us.


One friendly animal even joined us in the classroom for the afternoon! His name was Esio Trot... Can you guess what type of animal he was? Maybe you can spot him in the photographs! We gave him plenty of dandelion leaves to keep his tummy full.


Owen let us borrow some interesting items to have a close look at too. There was a snake skeleton, a tortoise shell with the tortoise's spine attached inside, and a huge snake skin that was longer than our carpet!


The animals we met today were Ginger the bearded dragon, Bob and Doris the stick insects, Incy Wincy the tarantula, Mr Stripy the python, Millie the giant millipede, and Esio Trot the tortoise.

Releasing the butterflies!


When we opened up the net the five butterflies were so happy they didn't fly away straight away! We had to encourage them to come out with fruit and leaves! They soon showed interest and even chose to sit on some of our hands and clothes! Some of the butterflies even stayed in our playground to play for a while. It was magical.

Our class caterpillars


We have had some little visitors in Reception this term! They started their lives as tiny baby caterpillars and we have had lots of fun watching them grow into five big hungry caterpillars, then spinning their cocoons, and over the last few days they have begun to emerge from their cocoons as beautiful butterflies! Once they have stretched out their wings and learnt to fly we will set them free into the wild.

The final butterfly emerges!

Still image for this video

We've gone caterpillar crazy!

Now that Spring is here...


We have been able to plant beans to grow our very own beanstalks! We enjoyed getting our hands dirty and learning about all the things a plant needs to grow. Now we are taking care of our plants by watering them just the right amount every day. We hope they will get lots of sunshine. We also wonder whether any of our beanstalks will be magic ones... Let's wait and see!

Fire station trip


We went to visit the fire station to learn about all the different ways that fire fighters help people and animals. The fire fighters taught us all about what to do if we spot a fire, how to stay safe if we have fire on our clothes, and how to call the fire brigade in an emergency. We got to see the safety clothes the fire fighters wear when they are tackling fire, and some of the equipment they use. We even saw the fire boat and the fire engine! We were especially lucky to all have a turn at spraying the hose and trying to knock down the cones! Would you like to be a fire fighter??