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This term we are focusing on how to keep our body healthy.


We are going to invetigate how different exercise effects our heart rates.

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When you have measured your resting heart rate, complete some different movements to see which raise your heart rate the most. 


Before you do anything too energetic, complete this 10 minute, 1000 step 'walking on the spot' workout. Do you predict that it will raise your heart rate? Complete it, then measure your heart rate again. Did your heart rate go up much?



Now complete some more energetic 'on the spot' moves and measure your heart rate afterwards. 


Which do you predict will raise your heart rate the most? Why?

You'll need a break between each one for your heart rate to return to nearer your resting count. 


Run on the spot with your knees high for 1 minute.


Do star jumps for 1 minute.


Balance on one leg, hold your arms out to the side, hold the position for 1 minute (if you can).


Lie on your back on the floor, get up, lie down on your front on the floor, get up, lie on your back on the floor, get up, lie on your front... repeat for 1 minute.


Floss! For 1 minute. How fast can you go?


Which movement made your heart rate increase the most? 

What was your highest heart rate measurement?

Which (apart from your resting rate), was your lowest heart rate measurement?


What do you notice? Were you surprised?

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