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Word building challenge


Now that the children are starting to recall lots of letter sounds they may be ready to start putting these together to make some simple words. This is a big step in their understanding of phonics and for some children it can take a long time to get there. So please don't worry if this is too much for your child at the moment.


There will be daily a word building challenge here for all Puffins that you might like to try as an extra challenge alongside their daily phonics session. If it is too tricky for your child to do independently at this stage you may wish to build the word for them to see as a model. If they can have a go by themselves, even if they just identify the first sound in the word then this will be good for their independence and confidence.


Today's challenge:

Using the letter cards you made for today's handy challenge (or magnetic letters if you have some) can you build the word sit? Listen to your adult tell you the word you'll be building, then say the word out loud nice and slowly to see which sounds you can hear! Can you find the correct letter cards and put them in the correct order? Have your best try!

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