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Let's think about the number 5 again.

Can you remember how to show 5 on your fingers?

Practise and see if you can do it without counting them each time!


Use your 5 fingers to "give me 5!" with someone at home!


If you have building blocks at home can you build a tower using 5 bricks? Count them carefully as you build, and remember to count them when it's finished to check there are 5.

Can you make a tower that is taller and another tower that is smaller than 5 bricks high?


Now try drawing 5 bricks in your work book! Perhaps you could have a go at writing the number 5 next tp it.

If you have space at home here is an extra challenge!

If you don't have a hoop you could use a bucket, a bowl, a rope laid out in a circle etc.


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