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Teddy Bear's Picnic

Together with your child set up a teddy bear's picnic with 2 toys. Let your child hand out a plate, cup, spoon etc to each of the 2 toys.


Now count out a total of 5 food items (it is useful if all the food items are the same e.g. 5 raisins/ 5 biscuits etc.) Count out the 5 items with your child, helping them to arrange them in a line and touch touch each item as they count slowly and carefully.

Now divide the food items across the 2 plates so one toy has more and the other has fewer. Help your child to count and compare the food on each plate and discuss modelling use of the words, more and fewer.


Repeat this dividing the 5 items differently each time. Ask your child to tell you what they notice about the food on the plates using those key words; more, fewer.


Deepen learning by including a third toy and plate and sharing out the 5 items into 3 groups.

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