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Reading books for blue phonics team

Lilac book band (blue phonics team)

This week's reading books are:

  • How To Make A Maraca
  • Incy Wincy Spider


*These picture books contain no words because they encourage the development of pre-reading skills such as:

- speaking

- using the pictures to comprehend the story

- working memory (being able to recall what has already happened in the book)

- vocabulary development

- making links between books

- understanding that books are read one page at a time and from left to right


We recommend that you share each book with your at least twice. The first time, look through the book together and talk to your child about what you can see, modelling any new vocabulary that arises. Once your child becomes familiar with the book they will gather the confidence to tell you the story. Encourage them to tell the story to others at home, to family and friends on the phone, video calls, or even to a pet or a teddy!


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