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Do speak to your child's teacher if you have questions or concerns about reading at home.

What should I do with the reading books?

The Essential Skills for Reading

The Reading Books


LILAC (Phase 1 phonics) : Enjoying & showing an interest in books, handling books correctly, talking about pictures and stories, responding to texts.
PINK (Phase 2 phonics): Developing 1:1 correspondence, awareness of text and words, initial sounds, blending sounds (eg. c-a-t) and discussion about the events happening in the book.
RED: (Phase 3 Phonics) Develops skills to blend more complex words, recognising more high frequency words and remembering words they’ve read before.
YELLOW (Phase 3/4) Talking about sentences, developing a bank of recognised words, talking about events, characters and settings.

Top Tips For Reading at Home

EYFS - Great Books to read at home!

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