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As we have reached the end of the Science unit, we would like you to create a double page spread as part of your assessment. It is a non-chronological report but needs to be visually appealing and show a good understanding of the scientific vocabulary used in the last 12 lessons. You can use the Knowledge Organiser to help you. 

You need to demonstrate everything you have learned over the past three weeks-but as it is a chance to showcase what you have learned, try not to just copy from the work you have already done. 

Think back to the ones we did for Climate Zones in Geography. They were great! 


Here is a link to some examples of double page spreads in case you need some ideas about how to set them out. 

Key Vocabulary

Organic materials - materials derived from living organisms

Natural materials - a natural material that comes from living things or from the ground

Man-made materials - a material that is created by humans and isn’t naturally occurring

Weathering - the breakdown of materials due to long expose to the atmosphere

Decay - the rotting or decomposing of organic matter due to the action of bacteria and fungi

Durability - the ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage

Malleable - the ability for a material to be forced into shape without it breaking or cracking

Brittle - hard but breaks easily

Reversible changes - changes that can be undone or reversed Irreversible changes - changes that cannot be changed back again, resulting in the formation of a new material

Evaporating - to change a liquid into a gas by heating

Filtering - to pass a mixture through a filter paper to remove undissolved substances

Sieving - to remove larger particles from a mixture by passing it through a sieve

Melting - to turn a solid into a liquid using heat

Dissolving - to incorporate a solid into a liquid to form a solution

Suspension - a mixture of solids particles that do not dissolve in a liquid

Solution - a mixture of a liquid and a solid that has been dissolved in the liquid

Solubility - the ability to be dissolved in a liquid, especially water

Electrical conductivity - the ability to conduct an electrical current

Thermal conductivity - the rate at which heat passes through a material

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