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Our science topic for this term is about the classification of living things and evolution and inheritance. We will be looking at understanding key vocabulary and important people that have contributed to this scientific approach.


Below is the knowledge organiser for this science topic, which contains lots of valuable information to help you understand the topic. Take some time to read through this.

What is classification?


The idea of classification is the first thing we need to explore. The knowledge organiser explains what classification is, and in our next lesson we will look in more depth at the classification of living things. But for this first lesson, we want you take some time to explore how we might classify anything in our world. 


So take a look in your home or if you go outside for your daily exercise. What can you see around you? Can you have a go at classifying what you can see? You could classify what you can see by the materials they are made from, or maybe by their purpose. Could you classify items by whom they belong to?


Once you have identified some main groups, can you then sub-divide these groups into smaller groups to help with classification?


Finally, have a go at drawing a chart to show how the items you have found could be divided up or classified. Remember to check with whoever is looking after you before you start, to check what you can classify and be careful if you are outside to maintain social distancing.