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Spring term 1

During this term we will have a sports coach for one of our PE sessions so our PE days will change to as follows: 

Magpies - Monday and Tuesday

Starlings - Monday and Wednesday 


This term we will be using the text 'Last Stop on Market Street' by Matt De La Pena and the National Geographic Kids Readers: Titanic as our texts in English. 


In Maths we will begin our place value within 20 unit, below are the small steps we will be following. 


Some of the equipment we will be using to help us with our learning are Numicon, bead strings and ten frames. 


Later in the term we will move on to addition and subtraction within 20, place value within 50, length and height and mass and volume. We will update the small steps as we get to those units.  


Alongside our English and Maths we will be learning:

  • Science - How do plants grow and what do they need to grow? 
  • History - What improvements have been made since the sinking of the Titanic?
  • Geography - Name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans
  • Geography/Science ongoing - Seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK
  • Art - Sculpture with clay
  • PSHE - Being Healthy, hygiene, medicines, people who help us with health


We endeavour to update this page weekly to update you on all our learning! 



Week 2

We hope you've had a fantastic week!

This weeks spellings are:






This week year 1 have been busy planning their stories ready to write next week! We are using Last Stop on Market Street as our model and planning our own journey stories. Lots of children have planned to start at home or school then their main character is going on a bus journey. They have planned to go to the park, the cafe, the beach, the shops. We are so excited to read them next week! 


Today we finished our place value within 20 unit. This week we have compared numbers, ordered numbers and used a number line to 20. Next week we are going to spend some time revisiting addition and subtraction within 10 before moving on to addition and subtraction within 20. 


In science we have been learning about what plants need to grow. We have planted our own seeds in groups, given them soil, put them in a place that has lots of light and watering them regularly. We have also begun an experiment, we have used 4 seeds to test each of the conditions a plant needs to grow healthily. 

1 of our seeds has no soil (nutrients)

1 of our seeds will not have water

1 of our seeds is in the cupboard with no light

1 of our seeds is in a zip bag with no air.

We have made predictions about what will happen to the seeds and will observe and monitor the results! 


In computing we have used the Beebots to program the robots using instructions. 


In geography we have learnt all about the five oceans, we have loved listening to this song:

oceans song


Have a lovely weekend


Week 1

Welcome back Magpies and Starlings! We hope you had a restful break and a happy new year.



Apologies to Magpie class who did not get their spellings for this week, we will roll this weeks spellings into next week! 





If Starlings class would like to practise other spellings please check the year 1 common exception words. 


This week in English we read 'Last Stop on Market Street' by Matt De La Pena, we really enjoyed reading about CJ and his Nana's journey in the story. We wrote sentences about their bus trip and retold the story. 


In maths we began place value within 20. We have spent time building numbers 11 - 20 using different equipment and thinking about how numbers are made up of tens and ones. 


Year 1 decided this is what they need to do to stay healthy:

  • Drink water
  • Eat fruit
  • Eat vegetables
  • Exercise

A great start to this unit! 


Have a listen to this song as we learn about continents in Geography: 

Continents song





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