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Support and advice for parents while home schooling

Creating a visual timetable


You may find it takes some time to adapt to home learning, especially if your child likes to be very active. Please be reassured that this is completely normal!


At E P Collier, across all age groups, we use visual timetables to help the children understand what to expect of their routine for the day. You may find some of the attached picture cards useful if you would like to create your own visual timetable with your child.


If you don't have access to a printer you may wish to use these as a guide to draw your own and cut out some picture cards with your child. At nursery and school we find this really helps children to talk through the day before it begins and refer back to the timetable each time an aspect is finished. Children often develop independence and learn to take ownership of their play/ learning through use of a visual timetable. You may like to use one to mark the beginning and end of the "school day," and/ or to plan daily self care tasks, meal times, outings, etc. Please accept this information as friendly advice rather than a compulsory activity!

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