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L.I: I can plan a set of instructions

Today you are going to make your healthy breakfast plate ready to write your instructions tomorrow. 

Remember to collect all of your ingredients and equipment before you begin. 

When you're making it, ask your grown up to take some photos that you can use tomorrow. Also think about the bossy verbs you could use to describe what you're doing.


Alternative 1

If you haven't got the ingredients on your healthy breakfast plate, why not help your grown up to make a cup of tea or your lunch instead. It doesn't matter what you make as long as you can write instructions for it tomorrow.


Alternative 2

If you can't make anything, have a go at the activities on this website. Click on the link below to get started. Start by clicking on the main activity tab. When you've completed those activities have a go at the activities found on the plenary tab.

Afterwards you can have a go at ordering the pizza instructions that are attached below. They've got a bit muddled! Can you put them in the correct order?



muddled pizza instructions