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Topic Investigation

Rain Investigation

Is it raining where you are? Rainy weather is the perfect time to carry out an investigation into how much water you can collect in different containers! Watch the short video clips below to see how Miss Knight carried out her investigation.


You will need:

  • An outdoor space (a garden, balcony, shared outdoor area, park)
  • Some different sized and shaped containers
  • A raincoat and some wellies to wear!


Step 1: Find some safe spots outside to place your containers. Decide when you are going to come back to check on the containers.


Step 2: Predict how much water you think you'll find in each container and discuss why. This could be to do with the size of the containers, the positions in which you've left them, whether or not they have holes in...


Step 3: Take photos of the empty containers before and after the investigation to compare the difference.


Step 4: Wait and see! Then return at the time you previously decided and discuss your findings. Take photos of what you find.


Key vocabulary to support your child when talking about capacity:

full, empty, half full, half empty, nearly full, nearly empty.

Please use this investigation to help them to understand and begin to use these words.

In the garden

Wet leaves

Muddy grass

Watering can


Drying off

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