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Friday 12th June - PSHE Lesson 1


Try this relaxation exercise with your grown-up – ask them to read the instructions out loud while you breathe: 

• Sit or lie down in a comfy position and close your eyes. 
• Focus on your breathing, feeling your lungs inflate and deflate as you breathe in and out. 
• Now imagine that you have a pot of magic bubble mixture inside your body.  
• On each out breath, you’re going to blow some bubbles with your magic mixture. 
• You should start by imagining you’re blowing a stream of small bubbles. Gradually, as you're breathing slows down, the bubbles increase in size until you’re blowing giant bubbles. 
• With each bubble, you should feel the tension drift away from your bodies. 


What is happening now? 


Read this short picture book with a grown-up and discuss your feelings about how you are feeling learning from home. 



Glitter Experiment: 


If you have some glitter you can try this experiment at home!  

If you are able to do this glitter experiment yourself, I would love to hear about what you learned. Please write a few sentences summarising your learning in your student folders.



Thursday 11th June - History Lesson One

Start by discussing the following vocabulary, famous, explorer, commander, voyage. If you cant discuss with an adult, you could use a dictionary or the internet to find out the meanings of these words. 


Look through the resources attached:  - Neil Armstrong BBC History Amelia Earhart, BBC History/


Your task: 

Write some questions that you would like to ask either of the explorers OR questions that you want to find out about the explorers. 





Wednesday 10th June - Religious Education - Lesson One 


This term we will be looking at Christian stories and their meanings. Today's story is The Good Samaritan - Click to watch an animation of The Good Samaritan. 


Questions for discussion: 

  •  Who are our neighbour's? Are they just the people who live next door to us? 

  • What is the message of this story? 

  • How can we be like the good samaritan in our every day life? 



Today's task: 

Draw a picture of a time where you have helped someone/been a good neighbour. Label the picture and write a few sentences about your good deed. 


Geography Lesson One Tuesday 9th June

Lesson 1 – Monday 8th June 2020- Science


Today we are going to focus on identifying and naming a variety of. common mammals


Firstly. look at this website- What is a mammal?