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Pancake Day

Next week it is half term. This means there will be no school or remote learning. We hope you enjoy the break and have a fun and relaxing time.


During half term Christians will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day. Lots of people, Christians and non-Christians like to celebrate this and we encourage you to join in the fun! Please see the most recent Parent Prompt activity sheet for ideas of fun things you can do as a family around Pancake Day.


Have you eaten pancakes before?

Do you remember which ingredients are needed to make them?

Have you ever played any pancake games like flipping pancakes, or having a pancake race?

What are you favourite toppings to have on your pancakes?


Which of these pancakes takes your fancy?

You only need a few ingredients to make pancakes. Take a look at the picture. Can you guess what each of the ingredients are?

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