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L.I: I can sequence a set of instructions.

Today we are going to be working to sequence a set of instructions! Do you remember what sequencing means?


That’s right! It means to put something into the correct order so it makes sense!


Today we are going to be sequencing the steps of our morning routine.

Nursery Rhymes - I Jump out of Bed

Sing this song to help to switch your brain on ready for our learning!

What's your morning routine?

Can you discuss your morning routine with an adult at home? What do you do?

Draw some pictures to show what you do during your morning routine.

Can you write a sentence underneath each picture? E.g. First I jump out of bed. You can use the template attached below or draw your own.


If you're getting a bit stuck why not try ordering the cards attached below to sequence the boys routine. You could write a sentence underneath each card. There are two sets to choose from!