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Tuesday *LIVE*

Discussion/ Topic

What do you like to do when it rains?

Do you prefer to stay inside or go and play outside?



Watch the video to find out what Peppa and George like to do when it rains!

Peppa Pig - Muddy Puddles (full episode)

Now use your exercise book to record what you like to do when it rains.

Depending on which stage your child is at with their mark making this may be in the form of:

  • Making marks to represent meaning and telling you what it means, in which case please write down what they say on the picture.
  • Drawing a simple picture and tell you about it, in which case please write down what they say on the picture.
  • Particularly if your child is in the green phonics group please encourage them to use their sound mat (in learning pack and attached below) to have a go at writing a simple caption. They may need lots of support with letter formation but should be able to pick out some sounds in the words they want to write.


Here is Miss Knight's example:

Modelled writing

Phase 2 sounds mat

Extra challenge

Take a look at the photograph of a rainbow.

How do you think it got there?

What do you think it is made out of?

How many different colours can you see?

Can you name them all?

Rainbow colours

Using paints if you have some at home, or even colouring pencils or felt tip pens, experient with mixing colours together.

What happens when you mix...

red + yellow = ?

yellow + blue = ?

blue + red = ?

red + blue + yellow = ?

Can you use the colours you mix to paint or draw a rainbow of your own?

Story time

A Rainy Day To Remember

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