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L.I: I can punctuate my sentences with a capital letter and a full stop

The Capital Letters and Full Stops Song (A MUST for any KS1 class!)

Watch this video to remind yourself of how to use capital letters and full stops

Capital Letters and Full Stops

Remember that every sentence must start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. 

Have a go at completing these online activities. Can you find where to put the capital letter and full stop?


Look at the picture below of all the things Floyd threw into the tree. We are going to write sentences to describe what he threw into the tree. 

When you write your sentences you must remember your full stops and capital letters. Have a look at my examples below. I have used a different colour for my capital letters and full stops. You could do this in your writing as well!


Floyd threw a boat into the tree.

Floyd threw a house into the tree.


Try and use the conjunction 'and' to join your ideas.


Floyd threw a cat and a rhinoceros into the tree.


Tree from Stuck image

Tree from Stuck image 1