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L.I: I can use the prefix ‘un’


Today we are going to learn about the prefix 'un'. A prefix is a group of letters that go at the beginning of a word. They change the meaning of the word.

Using the prefix un

Watch this video clip and learn the about the prefix un with Sandy squid


Print off the cards below, cut them up and match up the opposites. 

You could try playing the game pairs with them. Mix up the cards and then lay them face down on the floor. Take it in turns with your adult to turn over 2 cards. If you find 2 cards that are opposites you get to keep them. If you don't turn them face down again. When you have matched up all the opposites, the person with the most pairs wins! Good luck!


Now choose some of the opposites and try putting them into sentences.


If you can't print off the cards you could try some of the activities in the powerpoint below.