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Wednesday 3.2.21 NO SCREENS DAY

Please remember that today should be a non screen day for your child!


They have been spending a lot of time looking at screens these past few weeks and it is important to give them a break. Please refer to your email for the suggested ideas for today's activity. Choose a project for the day and have fun. Ideally try and get outside for some fresh air.


Activities for EYFS

Learn A New Skill

Get Out & About

Get Creative

Can you ride your bike yet?

If not, now is the time to learn. Find your helmet, get out to the park or the river and have a go. Keep practising and don’t give up!

Plan an expedition. What will you need to pack & take with you? Print off or make your own treasure list of things to find along the way. How many can you find before you get home again?


This challenge is to build the tallest structure you can with construction kit at home. You could use blocks, Lego, K-Nex etc but it must stand up by itself! Don’t forget to take a picture.

Use Your Imagination

Get into the Kitchen

Get Moving

Can you have a go at making puppets? They might be sock puppets, finger puppets or even faces on sticks. Can you re-tell a favourite story and put on a puppet show for your family? Don’t forget to send us your video!

Open a café! Design the menu, make a shopping list for the food and then get cooking. Who will you invite to your café tonight?

Will you be the next Joe Wicks? Design a new exercise class to keep us all fit. Plan the moves, practise the skills and then record it for school. We will use the best one in class!

Delve into a Book

A Surprise Adventure

Do something special

Do you love The Gruffalo? Read the story, and draw a map of the Deep, Dark Wood. Can you make a trap for your Gruffalo and set off to the woods. Don’t forget to take some treats to tempt him in case he is hungry when you find him!

Pack a bag and some lunch and go on an expedition. Take a penny with you and at every junction flip the penny. If it lands heads up, turn right. If it lands tails up turn left. Keep going until you get tired…where did you end up?

Could you send your teacher a message or make them something just from you (Eg. a bookmark, picture, necklace or small surprise).

Then pack it up gently and take it to the post box. You can post it to school to surprise them when we all return

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