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Today's lesson will be reading Chapter 1 - Kidnap. This will be done as a live lesson with your class teacher and there will be a discussion about the chapter and what you notice/wonder/infer during the lesson.


If you are not able to join the live lesson, please find below a copy of Chapter 1. Read the chapter and then think about the questions below.

What have we noticed from reading the first chapter?

Who are the main characters?

Where does the story take place?

What do we now wonder?

What will happen to Lady Agatha?

How will the Yetis treat her?

Why did the Yeti kidnap her?

What can we now infer?

How is Lady Agatha's father feeling?

Will Lady Agatha's feeling towards the Yeti change?

How do we think the Yetis will behave in the remainder of the book?

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