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Year 1



Welcome to Year 1!

Teachers: Sahra Watkin and Alana Cook

LSA's: Helen Beales, Dharal Jhala and Rachna Dhall


1AC have PE on Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon.

1SW have PE on Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon.

1AC go to the library on Tuesday afternoon.

1SW go to the library on Wednesday afternoon.

We suggest to the children that they bring their PE kit in on Monday and keep it in school until Friday. 

Please ensure that you provide your child with a named PE kit on these days and return their library book in time to change it- many thanks smiley





We will be sending Phonics homework every Friday. This is to provide extra support alongside what we are teaching. We don't expect for homework to be brought back into school. 




In English we will be looking at The Train Ride. This links in with our topic which is transport. 



We are focusing on the following outcomes:

  • English Journey

  • I can use pictures to make a prediction. 

  • I can use actions to retell a story. 

  • I can leave spaces between words in my writing. 

  • I can improve my letter formation, fine motor skills and pencil control. 

  • I can compose a sentence orally before writing it. 

  • I can write an independent sentence. 

  • I can sequence key events in a story. 

  • I can discuss and plan what I am going to write about. 

  • I can re-read what I have written to check it makes sense. 

  • I can read my writing aloud. 


Picture 1

Recommended Reading List - Year 1


In Maths we are learning about place value. We have been practising counting forward and backwards to 10 and to 20. 


We are focusing on the following outcomes: 

Maths Journey: 


  • Sort objects. 
  • Count objects. 
  • Represent objects.
  • Count, read and write forwards from any number 0 to 10. 
  • Count, read and write backwards from any number 0 to 10.
  • Count one more. 
  • Count one less. 
  • Compare groups of objects and numbers. 
  • Order numbers.





In computing this term we are using the computers to create patterns. We will also be learning about how to use the computers in a safe way.




Our science this term is materials. 


We are focusing on the following outcomes: 

Science Journey: 

  • I can identify and name materials. 
  • I can sort and classify materials.
  • I can design a house using appropriate materials.
  • I can evaluate my design. 









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Music and PSHE

In music we follow a scheme called Charanga and are currently focusing on zoo time music. 

In  PSHE we are exploring new beginnings. 



In PE this half term we are learning about different ways of movement using our bodies and the apparatus. We are also practising some ball skills. 



This term in history we will be learning about transport. We will be learning about different forms of transport, comparing old and new transport, and we will also be doing some design technology where we make a car of the future! 


We will be exploring Aboriginal art. We will look at some aboriginal symbols, and we will have a go at some colour mixing to create the Earth colours that were used. 

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