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Year 5

Hello everyone, welcome to the Autumn term in Year 5.


The class teacher for 5MG is Mr Griffiths and the class teacher for 5VG is Miss Gillanders.


Other adults in Year 5 are Mrs Arshad, Mrs O'Neill, Mrs Le Cras, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Tyagi.


Library day for 5MG is Thursday and for 5VG is Friday. Library books can be exchanged on these days.


If you have questions or need to discuss anything, please see us after school or make an appointment via the school office.




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5MG does PE on a Wednesday and Thursday, and 5VG does PE on a Monday and Wednesday. Please note that PE kits should always be in school in case this changes or additional PE or sporting activities occur.


Children should be wearing appropriate school uniform as per the school uniform policy which can be found below. Please ensure that all uniform items are named. 


Children should have appropriate water bottles in school during the summer term containing only plain water. Children should also have a healthy snack for break time, for example fruit or rice cakes.  





In our current unit of English work we are using the book Brightstorm as our stimulus. We are following the journey of Maudie and Arthur Brightstorm as they travel aboard a skyship on an expedition to South Polaris to discover the truth about their missing father.


We will be using this book to practice using the correct tense, apostrophes for contraction, fronted adverbials and choosing appropriate nouns and pronouns.



                                    Spellings w/c 9th September


bough                          tough

enough                        although

though                        dough

thought                       plough

rough                          sought

cough                          thorough

bought                        brought




                                      Spellings w/c 16th September


This week we are investigating words with silent letters. Children should investigate and practice spelling at home words with a silent:


b - for example 'climb'

g - for example  'wrong'

k - for example 'knew'

t - for example 'listen'

w - for example 'wrong'



Please find below our Maths plan for this year and the order in which the subjects will be taught.


Our first unit is learning all about Place Value. This builds upon work in previous years, but develops knowledge, to now include negative numbers and numbers up to 100,000. Please look at the unit plan for Place Value for more information.


                                                                           Times Tables


It is important that times tables continue to be practiced at home. The fluency of times tables, along with the associated number facts are essential for good progress through Year 5 and beyond.