The school is now closed for summer holidays. We will re-open to pupils on Thursday 5th September 2019.

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Year 5

Hello everyone, welcome to the Summer term in Year 5.


The class teacher for 5MG is Mr Griffiths and the class teacher for 5VG is Miss Gillanders.


Other adults in Year 5 are Mrs Cowell, Mrs O'Neill, Mrs Le Cras and Ms Stewart.


Library day for 5MG is Thursday and for 5VG is Friday. Library books can be exchanged on these days.


If you have questions or need to discuss anything, please see us after school or make an appointment via the school office.


Please find below the Year 5 Curriculum Map showing what we will be learning this year.


Picture 1



5MG does PE on a Wednesday and Thursday, and 5VG does PE on a Monday and Wednesday. Please note that PE kits should always be in school in case this changes or additional PE or sporting activities occur.


Children should be wearing appropriate school uniform as per the school uniform policy which can be found below. Please ensure that all uniform items are named. 


Children should have appropriate water bottles in school during the summer term containing only plain water. Children should also have a healthy snack for break time, for example fruit or rice cakes.  



                                                Trips and experiences


Year 5 have taken part a wide range of trips and experiences so far this year, including a trip to the Winchester Science Centre, Reading Gurdwara, steel band,  skipping and Quidditch workshops.


On Thursday 13th June Year 5, along with the whole school, will be visiting the Englefield country day. This promises to be an exciting and enjoyable day. Final information will come out to the children regarding what to bring and wear. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 


Year 5 enjoyed their visit to the Gurdwara and were able to gain practical experience of things that had learnt about in class.



In our current unit of English work we are using the book Brightstorm as our stimulus. We are following the journey of Maudie and Arthur Brightstorm as they travel aboard a skyship on an expedition to South Polaris to discover the truth about their missing father.


We will be using this book to practice precising longer passages of writing, conjunctions to improve the flow of our writing and integrating dialogue into our work.



                                                        Spellings w/c 3rd June

This week we are practicing the 'S' words from the Year 5/6 spelling list. These words are:


                                                          Spellings w/c 20th May


This week we will be looking at homophones. Our focus words are:

                                    cereal  /  serial

                                    father   /  farther

                                 guessed /  guest

                                 morning / mourning

                                      who's / whose


                                                        Spellings w/c 25th March


We are practicing our 'ie' and 'ei' words, and continuing to practice words from the Year 5/6 word list.


Examples of 'ie' and 'ei' words would be: relief, mischief, neice, and heir.

                                                   Spellings w/c 11th March


This week in 5MG we are practicing our homophones.

                                      alter / altar

                                     steel / steal

                                        led / lead

                                   assent / ascent

                                    bridal / bridle


Please practice these spellings at home, including in sentences.

                                     Spellings w/c 4th March


This week we will be looking at words with the end 'ably' and 'ibly'. This will build on our spellings earlier in the year.


For example:

horrible becomes horribly
adorable becomes adorably

                                                      Spellings w/c 25th February


This week we are practicing words beginning with 'e' from the Year 5/6 word list. These words are:












                                                         Spellings w/c 4th February


Our spelling this week is looking at the history of certain focus words (etymology) to help us understand spelling patterns. We have been looking the root word 'sign' and practicing our knowledge starting with the root word 'press'.

                                             Spellings w/c 28th January


This week we have be learning five words that have rare letter formations which make sounds. These words are - bruise, guarantee, vehicle, yacht, and immediately.


During January we have also been learning words that have been in our English book - The Explorer.

                                         Spelling w/c 26th November


This week are looking at words with hyphens. For example:






See if you can think of any more at home!

                                                               Spellings w/c 19th November


This week we will be practicing words from the Year 5/6 statutory spelling list.


Remember the different strategies we could use to practice these.

                                                    Spellings w/c 12th November 2018


This week we have been practicing the use of apostrophes.


We can use apostrophes for contraction - joining two words together. For example would not becomes wouldn't. Remember the apostrophe goes where a letter has been removed. How many can you find and practice at home?


We have also been practicing using our apostrophe for singular and plural possession. For example, the boy's red coat.


Can you remember the rules for plural possession and find examples to practice?

                                                                        Spellings w/c 5.10.18


This week we are working on plurals. We are learning about the plural rules, and finding examples. You could challenge us by testing us on how to change a singular word to a plural!




                                                                          Spellings of the week.


This week our spelling theme is Homophones and our focus words are:


                                               aisle  /   isle


                                             aloud  /  allowed


                                            affect  /  effect


                                             herd  /   heard


                                            past  /  passed


Please practice these words at home in sentences to practice the meaning. 

Spellings: Week Beginning 15/10


This week, we will be learning words from the Year 5/Year 6 spelling list. Not all of them! To begin with, we will be learning to spell the words which begin with the letter 'a': accommodate accompany according achieve aggressive amateur ancient apparent appreciate attached available average 

Which spelling strategies will you use? Don't forget to use your spelling journals and our helpful class posters! frown



Please find below our Maths plan for this year and the order in which the subjects will be taught.


                                                                          Position and Direction


Our current unit of work is all about position and direction.


We are learning about co-ordinates. Including that we read the x axis co-ordinate first, followed by the y axis co-ordinate. We will then be learning about reflection and translation, with and without co-ordinates.


This block of learning is 5 lessons, but builds upon prior knowledge developed through Year 5.


The scheme of learning can be found below, and if you have any questions please ask.


Thank you!