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Year 6

Harvest assembly

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Star a Heart workshop

Welcome Year Six

Dear children and families,

The children have made an excellent start to Year Six. So far, they have shown that they understand that school is a place for leaning and their job is to try and learn as much as they can.

By working hard, helping each other and being kind we can enjoy our time together and have a successful and happy year.

Well done and congratulations,

Miss Hastings             Mr Hearfield

We will be following a spelling scheme called no nonsense spellings and the children will be tested on these every Friday.

Week 2: statutory word list

Week 3: statutory word list

Week 4: -able -ible -ably- ibly

Week 5: -able -ible -ably- ibly

Week 6: -fer

Week 7: -fer


There will be  a piece of comprehension homework every second week.

Please encourage your children to read regularly and enthusiastically. 

Picture 1
Picture 1

Spring 2nd Half of Spring Term 2019

Dear children (and parents),

This is a really important term in which the main focus and priority is to make as much progress as you can in all of your learning.

It's not just about being ready for the SATS, which are important, but about giving you the confidence to be ready for your secondary schools.

The more you know, understand and can do then the better off you will be to enjoy the challenges and rewards of the future.

Being in control of yourself and developing a positive attitude to all your learning and work will ensure that it becomes your habit to be ready and open to learning. Once this becomes your habit and expectations then you will have discovered the key to enjoying and making the most out of your future opportunities.

You don't necessarily need to do any special homework; instead, it is good for you to talk at home about your learning and discuss with your families to find out what they know and think.

Helping out at home, in the kitchen, doing chores, helping with shopping, being engaged or aware of bills and the prices and costs of managing a household can keep you ready and connected to your learning.

There is a purpose in all of your lessons and the purpose is not only to find out about the subjects in the classroom but because these ideas or concepts exist in the world around you: it's worth finding out abut these things - that's what being educated means!

In Maths we are studying ratio and proportion and how and why scales work. We need this understanding in our everyday lives such as recipes to the price of petrol. We will then proceed to learn about statistics sot he more you know about bar charts, line graphs and pie charts the better.

In English, our end project is to create a tourist guide about the world-famous Route 66 in the U.S.A..

In science, you will need to know how to make bulbs brighter.

Geography's topic is to compare and contrast the U.S.A. with the U.K.. Maybe someone in your family has been there: ask them about it; look at some photos.

The songs you will need to do your duet dancing to are: Dancing with a Stranger by Sam Smith and Normani and American Trilogy by Elvis Presley.

Remember that you will need to produce your own music so that you can work with other musicians - you will need to use both the major and minor scales so see what you can find out about these.

I am so pleased that the large majority of you are in the 1-Club for x-tables so well done; if you are not, then keep learning - you will get there eventually if you don't stop!

The main spellings to learn will be the -ance and -ence suffixes so try and make sure you are confident with these.

I'm getting really excited about your art project which is to design and create your own clothes for a fashion display at the end. Remember to please bring in some clothes that you have permission to be artistic and creative with - remember: there are no rules!

Okay; you have made a really good start to the term. Stay focused and let's enjoy being together by being kind, calm and in control of ourselves.

Oh, and remember to be excellent at home, too!

I think very warmly and highly of you all and look forward to working with you over the rest of the year.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Hearfield


Picture 1

Times Tables Test on Fridays. How soon can you reach 100%?

Practise your spellings by using the National Curriculum spellings for Year 5 and 6

Recommended Reading List- Year 6

Picture 1

Reading Inspiration 


It is really important to find the right book for you but it also important that you experiment with different authors and genres.


Any reading is better than no reading, you can read:

  • newspaper articles
  • biographies
  • fiction
  • gaming information
  • recipes 
  • leaflets
  • information texts 

"I can't be bothered to read. What's the point?" Have a look at what children's authors have to say about reading. They might just change your mind. :)

Information For Parents


Your child is at an age where they might prefer to read independently. This is 100% OK. However, from time to time, it is beneficial for your child to engage in book talk.




Example Questions You Can Ask to Prompt Discussion

What are pronouns? Oh, I remember...

Our spelling patterns for this half term, Spring 2019

 - ance (e.g. appearance)

 - ence (e.g. inference)

Spelling Test

Every Friday 


Every Monday PM and Tuesday PM 

Remember, if you are happy for your Year 6 child to travel home alone after school, you must complete a form from the office to give your permission. Thank You!  no