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Autumn Term 


This term, children will explore the art of the reformist artist Van Gogh. They will look at art as a voice to send meaningful messages. Inspired by the art of Van Gogh, they will use the national curriculum outlined skills to create their own piece of art.

Spring Term

This term, children will be learning about sculpture, representing family and safety. They will use the following skills throughout the unit:

  • Select and record from first hand observation, experience and imagination, and explore different ideas for different purposes
  • Explore the roles and purposes of artists, architects and designers working in different times and cultures
  • Compare ideas, methods and approaches in their own work and that of others’ work and say what they think and feel about them
  • Adapt their work according to their views and suggest how ideas can be developed further
  • Plan a sculpture through drawing, sketching and other preparatory work selecting suitable materials and construction technique

Summer Term

This term, we will be looking at the still life art through the ages.

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