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Autumn Term


This term, year 5 will be exploring Vikings and Anglo Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England – raids, invasion and resistance

Children will be expected to:

  • Place current topic of study on a time line in relation to previous periods of study
  • Think critically weighing evidence and sifting arguments
  • Begin to understand about beliefs, behaviour and characteristics of people recognising that not everyone shares the same views and feelings
  • Compare and contrast accounts of events from different perspectives, offering some explanations for different versions of events
  • Understand terms such as; empire, civilisation, parliamentary and peasantry
  • Understand historical concepts such as continuity, change, cause and consequence
  • Understand connections between local, regional, national and international history
  • Link sources and work out how conclusions were arrived at
  • Consider ways of checking the accuracy of interpretations – fact, fiction or opinion?
  • Use the library/internet confidently for research

Spring Term


This term, we will learn all about Bronze age, looking at Stonehenge, religion, technology and travel. 

Summer Term

This term, we will learn about seekers and lovers of wisdom – Ancient Greek philosophers.

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