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Year 3 / 4

13th July - Term 6 Week 7


The last week of term. For those of you who are still working, still following videos and having a go at the work, very well done. It's hard to work at home. It's hard to work at home using youttube videos and a website that sometimes glitches and uploads the wrong thing, or doesn't save properly. Speaking for myself (BP), I also sometimes glitch and upload the wrong things! 


This is the last week we'll be providing work online. Miss Pope will put together a video of Flashback 4 questions, that you can have a go at over the holidays if you want to keep your maths hats on. Might be something you want to go through nearer the end of the holidays when you've had a break, and are beginning to think about year 4 and 5. 


This week we are rounding up our work on Anglo-Saxons, combining it with a bit of SPAG work, then it'll be a bit of free writing to practice or show off your skills.  


Hopefully we'll see most of you next week on transition days, 

Miss Pope, Miss Dass and Mr Kimji


PS - you can still use the email address until Friday, after which it won't be checked until the new academic year. 

Helpful Links for Skills Practice

Recommended Reading List- Year 3/4


Times Tables

Children should try to practice their times tables from 1 all the way through to 12, as often as they can. 


Try choosing 2 or 3 words a week from the list below:


Learn what it means

Learn how to spell it

Does it have synonyms or antonyms?

Can you use it in a sentence?

Can you use it in conversation?

The curriculum spelling list for year 3 and 4