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Year 3 / 4

Shakespeare Rocks!

We've decided not to waste paper and provide scripts for every child. Lots of parts only have a few lines.

The script for our Lower Key Stage 2 performance is below. 

Please learn your lines and read through the song words!

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Costume Suggestions

Costume Suggestions 1
Costume Suggestions 2
Costume Suggestions 3
Costume Suggestions 4
Costume Suggestions 5
Costume Suggestions 6
Costume Suggestions 7
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In Year 3 / 4 our teachers are: 


Ms B Pope 

Miss H Dass

Mr D Khimji 



In Year 3 / 4 our support staff are: 


Mrs Laroche

Mrs Varma

Ms Stewart


Welcome back to class. Happy New Year for 2020!

Below are the knowledge organisers for our learning during Term 3. 


In addition to this, we will be preparing for our Term 4 production, so plenty of opportunities for speaking and listening, and singing! 

Please see our welcome letter and Miss Pope's presentation from our 'Welcome to Year 3 and 4' meeting on Monday 16th September attached below. 

Recommended Reading List- Year 3/4

Helpful links to support Maths and English 

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Times Tables

An example of the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check assessment linked here:

Children should try to practice their times tables from 1 all the way through to 12, as often as they can. 


The curriculum spelling list for year 3 and 4

The curriculum spelling list for year 3 and 4 1

Spellings year 3/4 DK

Spelling  WB September 9 2019


words with the suffixes  -es.   -s,  -er,   -est


e.g  boxes,  buses,  summer, greatest

       scarves,  towards,  daughter,  suggest




Spelling  WB September 16 2019


words with the suffixes -ed,  -ing

e.g   coming  , jogging, received , blamed




Spelling  WB September 23 2019


words with the prefix un-     and  dis-


e.g unwanted,  disappoint, unhappy,  disallowed



Spelling  WB September 30 2019


words with the the 'ay' sound spelt with 'ei',  'eigh', 'ey'


e.g eight,   prey,   reindeer



Spelling  WB October 7 2019


words homophones


e.g straight  strait,   eight   ate,   write   right


Spelling  WB October 14 2019


mis-   and   re-


e.g  mistake , misread,  rewrite, reply