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Year 3 / 4

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In Year 3 / 4 our teachers are: 


Ms B Pope 

Miss H Dass

Mr D Khimji 



In Year 3 / 4 our support staff are: 


Mrs Laroche

Mrs Varma

Ms Stewart


Please see our welcome letter and Miss Pope's presentation from our 'Welcome to Year 3 and 4' meeting on Monday 16th September attached below. 

Recommended Reading List- Year 3/4

Helpful links to support Maths and English 

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Times Tables

An example of the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check assessment linked here:

Children should try to practice their times tables from 1 all the way through to 12, as often as they can. 


The curriculum spelling list for year 3 and 4

The curriculum spelling list for year 3 and 4 1

Spellings year 3/4 DK

Spelling  WB September 9 2019


words with the suffixes  -es.   -s,  -er,   -est


e.g  boxes,  buses,  summer, greatest

       scarves,  towards,  daughter,  suggest




Spelling  WB September 16 2019


words with the suffixes -ed,  -ing

e.g   coming  , jogging, received , blamed




Spelling  WB September 23 2019


words with the prefix un-     and  dis-


e.g unwanted,  disappoint, unhappy,  disallowed



Spelling  WB September 30 2019


words with the the 'ay' sound spelt with 'ei',  'eigh', 'ey'


e.g eight,   prey,   reindeer



Spelling  WB October 7 2019


words homophones


e.g straight  strait,   eight   ate,   write   right


Spelling  WB October 14 2019


mis-   and   re-


e.g  mistake , misread,  rewrite, reply