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Year 3 / 4

Remote learning for Friday 18th February


The very first thing you should look at this morning is this amazing website link. It shows the wind speeds all around the globe - the orange bits are the stormiest bits where the wind is moving the fastest. It's quite hypnotic to watch. I've put a screenshot of the UK below. 


Then warm your brains up with today's Globle, Worldle and my Wordle. 

Use Google to find a world map.

Other options:


Practice your times tables - lots of links below.

Learn the performance songs - links to the music below.

Learn your lines if you have any - for those who have forgotten to take their lines home, we've uploaded the script below too.

Remote Learning

Check under the dated star for each week, where you'll find subject stars with lessons. Each day will have maths, reading and writing lessons.  Where appropriate, there will be science, geography, art and DT lessons, although different classes are at different stages with some subjects. You'll find 99 club under the Times Tables star.


You can email any completed work to: 


Or of course bring it in to stick in your books when you return. 

Year 3 and 4 Parent Information

Still image for this video

Reading for Pleasure!

Some tried and tested (by teachers and children) books that Year 3 and 4 might enjoy reading themselves, or sharing with an adult. Try the library!


Many of the books below are the first in a series, if you like them you can carry on reading. Lots of the authors have other books you might enjoy.

Maths at Home

One of the aspects of maths that Year 3 and 4 children find most challenging, is telling the time on analogue clocks and digital clocks. We are all used to digital clocks, so children find analogue clocks difficult.

If you could spend some time looking at clocks, that would be helpful.

Some links below to BBC Bitesize might help.

Children need to be able to tell the time to one minute.

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