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Year 1/2

Staff in Year 1 and Year 2

Teachers - Miss Ball, Miss Rennie, Mrs O'Neill and Mrs Faria

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Dhall, Miss Gillies and Miss Schultz.

Year 1 Starlings have PE on Wednesday and Thursday.

Year 1 Magpies have PE on Tuesday and Thursday.

Year 2 Goldcrests have PE on Monday and Tuesday

Year 2 Nightingale have PE on Monday and Thursday.


We suggest to the children that they bring their PE kit in on Monday and keep it in school until Friday.  Please ensure that you provide your child with a named PE kit on these days. Many thanks.


If you have any queries please feel free to speak to us in the playground at the end of the day.

Naming Uniform

Please ensure that all of your child's uniform are named on the label (initials are fine as long as the clothes are identifiable).

This means that if their jumpers get mixed up, they are easy to find as all of the jumpers look the same!


  •   Year 1 Common words

the   a   do   to   today   of   said   says   are   were  was   is   his   has   I   you   your   they   be   he   me  she we   no   go   so   by   my   here   there   where   love   come   some   one   once   ask   friend   school put   push   pull   full   house   our

  • Year 2 Common Words

door  floor  poor  because  behind  find  kind  mind   most  wild  child  children  climb  only  old  cold  gold  hold  told  both  every  everybody  even  great  break  steak   pretty  beautiful  after  fast  last  past  father  eye  class  grass  pass  plant  hour  path  bath  move  prove  improve  sure  sugar  could  should   would  who  whole  any  many  clothes  busy  people  water  again  half  money  Mr  Mrs  parents  Christmas  away  good  going  think  home  didn't  know  bear  can't  wanted  things  new  eat  everyone  through  right  these  began  animals  never  next  first  second  lots  baby



Learning Journeys


To share  additional information about our curriculum. Please share these with your child and help them to learn the key vocabulary.




Your child will be issued with a Read Write Inc reading book that will be closely matched to their phonics daily sessions. Please ensure that you read this book with your child daily and they bring it into school everyday.  Additionally, your child will take home two reading  for pleasure books. Books will be changed once a week .


Supporting your child with their learning

There are useful links to resources to support your children with maths, reading, writing and handwriting on our school website.

To find these links go to Learning >> Curriculum >> Subject pages >>

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