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Curriculum from September 2019

Our Curriculum Intent

Whilst following the National Curriculum we have developed a broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant to our school and tailored to meet the needs of all of the children within our diverse community, building upon their knowledge, understanding and skills whatever their starting points.

At EP Collier we want every child to be able to enter the next stage of their education with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to be successful, independent and motivated learners.  We have considered both the ‘powerful’ and ‘transferable’ knowledge that the children will need in order to be able to do this which has resulted in a carefully sequenced curriculum enabling the children to acquire a depth and breadth of knowledge and skills as they progress on their journey throughout the school. By ‘powerful’ knowledge we mean knowledge that will take the children beyond their own experiences, which we know are often limited for our socially disadvantaged children, and which enables them to predict, explain and envisage alternatives. By ‘transferrable’ knowledge we mean knowledge that will enable the children to be able to access subsequent learning and support their development of a lifelong love of learning preparing them for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

English and maths are taught as discreet subjects the skills and knowledge of which are embedded throughout the curriculum. Science and foundation subjects are taught through a cross-curricular thematic approach with a clear progression of subject specific skills and key vocabulary across the school. Topics are arranged into 2 year cycles with learning building upon what was taught in the previous Key Stage enabling a depth of understanding to be acquired and key skills to become mastered. Room has been built into the curriculum to enable teachers to respond to the individual needs and interests of their class.

Our whole curriculum is bound together by our school values and core British values enabling every child to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally as well as academically to become the best that they can be.

For further information please see our Curriculum Policy and subject overviews or contact Mrs McMinn ( HT)  or Mrs Walcott-Barnett (DHT) via the school office on 0118 9375470 or .

(Year A - Odd years i.e. Sep 2019, Sep 2021… Year B – Even years i.e. Sep 2020, Sep 2022…)  

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